Moving lights, LEDs or both? Stage, show or trade fair? One thing is certain: light is mandatory and you have an overwhelming choice. NEKO has an exceptionally wide range of lighting technology that leaves nothing to be desired. Enchant your audience and benefit from modern, spectacular light effects.


  • Artificial and daylight spotlights
  • LED projectors and panels
  • Moving lights and followspots
  • Profile and outdoor spotlights
  • Color changers and fog machines
  • Lighting controls, dimmers and switches
  • Power distribution and generators
  • Trusses and light stands

No component of event technology touches the heart as much as light design. Light is a tool that makes for impressive atmospheres and creates affecting moods. Our light designers know how to skillfully develop a convincing concept and give your rooms character. We advise you on the right equipment and contribute to your very own light spectacle.

A skillfully staged light design turns your event into a highlight.